Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SakuraCon 2011 Cosplay Rundown

The one major con I attend every year is Sakura-Con, in Seattle, Washington. I always do at least three costumes, since its my one guaranteed chance to dress up for an entire weekend with like-minded fans.

I usually spend the summer and fall planning my costumes and making many of my materials purchases. This means that January through March is one long marathon of costume making, which will hopefully not culminate in a frantic two straight weeks of sewing right up until the deadline.

As such, every Monday I'll be posting a progress report on what I've accomplished the previous weekend! This will keep me on track and give you a preview of what I'll be wearing come April.

This year, I'll be doing Natsuki, from Summer Wars:
The girl with the bunny ears.
As well as a Disgaea group. I'll be doing Adell:

I need to do more push ups.
And finally, one I've been wanting to do for a while:

Horo, from Spice and Wolf, the only anime that's ever taught me about economics.

It's a long lineup, and I've got some extra projects lined up, and maybe even and extra, super-secret cosplay. I'm excited to get started!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello there!

Welcome to my little space here on the internet, where I'll be talking about knitting, jewelry making, sewing, and anything else that may possibly be related to nerdy activities and cosplay.

What is cosplay? Short for "costume play", it refers to the creation of costumes drawn from or inspired by popular culture. Its a term most commonly used for costumes drawn from anime or manga, but has expanded to include sci-fi and other media.

I like to incorporate a lot of different skills into my costumes, and I enjoy learning about the many techniques that make up the spectrum of my hobbies. I hope to share what I learn along this journey!