Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Progress Report : 01/18/2011

I hoped that with this feature I'd be able to chronicle my progress throughout the quarter and have a reason to finish pieces of my projects over each weekend.

Unfortunately, this week is not only a day late (well, it was a three-day weekend) but I also don't have that much to report!

I'm hoping to get my Natsuki costume done in time to wear it to the movie's opening weekend down in Seattle in two weeks, but I didn't make much headway. What I did do was... this!

Her funny little bunny ears! I'll post some in-progress pictures later this week.

I also went out and bought the last piece of fabric, and when I was getting ready to start on the gi (the top) I realized I hadn't pre-washed any of the fabric, so.. that's what I did instead of actually sewing.

I also started some projects to take to Video Games Live this weekend.

I've still got more in the works, I'll have to show you later!

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