Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3/01/2011 Progress Report

I got a lot of stuff done this past weekend, even though I spent a good deal of Saturday and Sunday laid up like this:

I', starting to develop some RSI in my wrist from computer work and knitting. This particular flare-up was brought to you courtesy of knitting for six hours on Tuesday. =(

Anyway, I took the opportunity this presented to use my sewing machine instead, sewing up 75% of the Thief costume I'm working on and getting started on the embroidery that I want to add to it.

Blanket stitch courtesy of Stitch School, done in variegated yellow DMC floss.
Since I've had some problems in the past with ironed-on applique, I decided to stitch down all of the applique on this particular project. I like the look so much that I'm looking for other places to add it, especially for my Adell project. Large stitches like this just make it look kinda rustic, like it comes from the countryside that the game takes place in.

I also started receiving the packages that I ordered last week. I'm done to some last-minutes items and the wigs to order and then I'll have all of my supplies!

Enormous Shoes

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