Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Progress Report 3/22/2011

I took a week off from posting, but now I'm back with... not a lot to show for it. I'm trying to clear the thief out of my schedule, and its taking a an amazing length of time to do all the finishing touches.

However! Stuff has been done! Even stuff I'm not posting today.

First off: I finally finished the jacket!

Fully lined and everything, I am terribly proud of myself.

 And I knocked these bad boys out in a afternoon break from stitching the hem on that jacket.

So these goggles started out as Bobster Bugeye Goggles and are, in fact, completely untouched and can still be used as intended. The trick behind the cat eyes?

Mirror-backed cardstock. I use it to back resin gems, and all I had to do was cut out a piece that was the size of the goggle lens (which actually turned out to be a little tricky), draw a slit pupil on it and stuff it into the lens. (Also surprisingly tricky.)

Ready for her close-up.

The black square around the goggles is just a piece of sticky-backed foam covered in upholstery vinyl.

This stuff is amazing.

I love the remnants pile.
Just peel the sticky back off, put it on the wrong side of the fabric, and viola: you have a lovely smooth-backed surface for your fabric.

Now just hot glue the edges (in lieu of hemming)

And you have a neat little rectangle of vinyl that you can use to fake a more substantial pair of goggles.

All done!

Now I'm working on the little cat feet, followed shortly by the hat, the gloves, and hopefully the wig. Then maybe I'll get on to my own costumes!

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