Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've returned!

Its been over two weeks since I last posted and man, I finished a lot of stuff while I've been away. (Literally actually, I went to visit a friend for extended sewing-times.) I didn't finish nearly enough though, and with less than two weeks until the convention beigns I've decided to launch...

The Daily Cosplay Countdown!
(Watch my slow descent into madness!)

Every day I'll post what I did the day before, as well as some catch-up posts to show what I've done during these weeks I've been away.
To begin,  have an announcement : I've managed to finish two costumes! Hooray!

I finished Natsuki while I was away, and I touched up one of my costumes from last year and I'm completely happy with it now.
Yui just needed some replacement parts and new castings.

As for what I managed to accomplish yesterday....

The March Bright card, the sakura banner for SakuraCon!

I made a giant hanafuda card for my Natsuki costume! Hanafuda is a card game that features prominently in the movie, and since I already was familiar with the game mechanics and had some cards around the house I definitely wanted to bring a deck with me to con. And what better way to let people know who I was dressed as than to carry this card around?

What I did for this was:
  1. Hired my art student friend to make a high resolution vector image of the card.
  2. Got it printed at the copy center (29 inches tall, cost $6. for the high-gloss finish.)
  3. Accquired a piece of black on black foamboard.
  4. Cut both piece to eliminate white space and to attain the proper sizing.
  5. Glued the poster to the board.

Tune in tomorrow (or later today) for more progress reports!

P.S. Someone want to teach themselves how to play hanafuda and join me for a round of Koi-Koi? Anyone?

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